Book Of The Week, 2nd August 2021

Stanley Donwood: Bad Blood

Penguin, 2021

PB, £9.99

This sui generis book by the renowned graphic artist Stanley Donwood tells the story of the world, from its birth to its eventual demise. The only catch is, there are no words – only illustrations. This is a flipbook for the greatest story ever told, with a cast that includes the oceans, meteors, volcanos, dinosaurs, jungles, the great cities of modernity, and even the missiles that hang ominously above us.

In the space of 170 pages, Donwood invites us to witness the rise and fall of everything on earth, from civilisations, to continents, to the weather itself, all through his distinctive black and white illustrations.

This book is both stark and beautiful, full of joy and terror, and will be unlike anything you’ve ever read.

‘Extraordinary’ – Robert Macfarlane
Published by Penguin Random House