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And it was this time of the year again. The Pulitzer Prize winner have been announced for 2021.
Newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer gave money in his will to Columbia University to launch a journalism school and establish the Pulitzer Prize. It allocated $250,000 to the prize and scholarships.He specified “four awards in journalism, four in letters and drama, one in education, and four traveling scholarships.” After his death on October 29, 1911, the first Pulitzer Prizes were awarded June 4, 1917. They are now announced in April.
Today the Pulitzer Prize is an award for achievements in newspaper, magazine and online journalism, literature and musical composition within the United States. Prizes are awarded yearly in twenty-one categories.
Our favourites this year are the winners in Poetry, Fiction and Biography.

Winner Fiction

Winner Poetry

Winner Biography

Independent Bookshop Week 2021

The Independent Bookshop Week 2021 will take place Saturday 19th June – Saturday 26th June.
Thanks to this years headline sponsor, Hachette UK. Part of this fabulous week are many events hosted by independent bookshops like we are. One of the exciting highlights is are the Indie Book awards.
The shortlist was announced on Friday 14th May. The winners will be announced from 10am on Friday 25th June on Scala Radio,  being the official media partner of the Indie Book Awards.

Also, 2021 is the 15th anniversary of Independent Bookshop Week. As we are  independent bookshops ourselves we love the events and support the organisation. Be part of it too and support your local bookshop.

International Booker Prize Winner 2021

We are celebrating with the author David Diop and the translator Anna Moschovakis. 

The novel about A Senegalese Man who fought for France on the Western Front during the First World War is a chilling and hypnotic read. The protagonist’s journey, Alfa Ndiaye, through his life and war is intense, and connected to his best friend, “his-more-than-brother”, Mademba, who makes everything kind of bearable. But one day he is mortally wounded, and without him Alfa is alone amidst the savagery of the trenches. He feels lost, far from home, far from all he knows. His way out of the sadness and fear is to commit to this war with an intensity that soon begins to scare even his own comrades in arms.

Diop presents a world in which we can’t make out the line between courage and madness, murder and warfare. Alfa’s final transformation he is going through to deal with his lost and war experiences is unexpected and poetic, and heart-breaking at times. 

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Blind Date With A Book at The House of Books

“Blind Date with a Book” is a hand wrapped book, carefully curated from a wide range of popular genres that is tagged with intriguing clues alluding to the book inside. This curated collection includes everything from mystery, romance, classics, horror, adventure, science fiction to young adult.

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Chiltern Publishing at The House Of Books

Chiltern Publishing was formed in 2018. Their vision: to create the most beautiful classics, inspired by Jane Austen’s original books. Their goal: using a perfect mix of tradition and the very latest in printing techniques. The size and format of the Chiltern Editions are the original format of Jane Austen books. The publishers themselves are saying:

“With wonderfully detailed covers, sparkling guilt edges, creamy pages and stitched binding they are the most beautiful classics ever published.”

All 24 Chiltern Classics and their notebooks are available in our shops.