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Richard Flanagan: The living sea of waking dreams

Chatto & Windus, 2021


The Australian Booker winner has described his eighth novel as “a rising scream”. The Living Sea of Waking Dreams combines moral righteousness, wounded grief, and the fury of someone who still reads the news. And smouldering underneath it all is the red memory of the summer’s reign of fire in Australia 2019.

The story begins when 87-year-old Francie is admitted to a Hobart hospital with a brain bleed. Her three children gather around her bedside: very successful architect Anna, wealth manager Terzo with an iron-clad sense of certainty; and failed artist Tommy, the sibling punching bag.

The novel follows Anna and her fight against her mother’s illness, watching her getting worse and worse. Anna cannot let go and insists on any therapy to stop the decline, in the way only those with power and money can. While her mother is vanishing so is the world around her, and finally she finds herself in the very same situation.

It’s an emphatic, wrenching read. This is a moving and astonishing story about family, love and hope set against global catastrophe and climate crisis. Written with Flanagan’s characteristic mix of humanism and emotional insight, you will find yourself going through all kind of emotions and might finish the book with mixed feelings. Or you simply love it!

New Arrivals

By Neil MacGregor
£7.99 (PB)

By William Poundstone
£5.99 (PB)

By Tim Harford
£6.99 (PB)

By David Sedaris
£5.99 (PB)

By Natalia Ginzburg
£8.99 (PB)

By Natalie Haynes
£9.99 (PB)

By Gavin Pretor-Pinney
£5.99 (PB)

New Publications

Edited by Sabeena Akhtar
£9.99 (PB)

By Olivia Laing
£20.00 (HB)

By James McAuley
£25.00 (HB)

By Lars Mytting
£12.99 (HB)

By Deborah Levy
£10.99 (HB)

By Matthew Todd
£20.00 (HB)

By Annabelle Williams
£14.99 (HB)

Find below a sample selection of our different sections and books

Visual Arts

By Desmond Morris

£9.99 (HB)

By David Bailey

£20.00 (HB)

By John Berger, Sven Blomberg, Chris Fox, Michael Dibb, Richard Hollis

£8.99 (PB)

By Soetsu Yanagi

£ 7.99 (PB)

Music & Film

By Will Brooker

£9.99 (PB)

By Paul Kildea

£10.99 (PB)

By Oliver Sacks

£4.99 (PB)

By Sophy Roberts

£10.99 (PB)


By Deborah Orr

£9.99 (PB)

By Tara Westover

£9.99 (PB)

By Matthew Dennison

£25.00 (HB)

By Maurice Hamilton

£9.99 (PB)


By Seishi Yokomizo

£8.99 (PB)

By David Mitchell

£8.99 (PB)

By Sally Rooney

£8.99 (PB)

By Haruki Murakami

£8.99 (PB)

Science Fiction

By Ben Aaronovitch

£3.99 (PB)

By Ben Aaronovitch

£12.99 (HB)

By Ernest Cline


by Ursula K. Le Guin

£5.99 (PB)


By Patrick Leigh Fermor


By Caitlin Doughty


By Alice Albinia


By David Long


Smart Thinking

By Daniel Susskind

£ 8.99 (PB)

By Rolf Dobelli

£4.99 (PB)

By Pandora Sykes

£8.99 (PB)

By Steve Richards

£4.99 (PB)


By Geeta Vara

£5.99 (PB)

By Paul Gilbert

£5.99 (PB)

By Dr Tina Ray & Jessica Smith

£10.99 (PB)

By Tim Spector

£4.99 (PB)